Photos:  (Top Left) Colin Hay in the recording studio reading the 24 fables for The Aesop's Project.  (Top Right) Recording artist Colin Hay and Tom Graves, author of the fables portion of The Aesop's Project.   (Bottom Left) Dave Lisik, composer of The Aesop's Project music.  (Bottom Right)  Matt Wilson of the Matt Wilson Quartet, recording artists for The Aesop's Project.

The Aesop's Project is an innovative reworking of the classic Aesop's fables in both spoken word form and in jazz composition.  A creative collaboration between author Tom Graves and jazz composer Dave Lisik, The Aesop's Project will consist of a CD package that includes a spoken word CD of the Aesop's fables as rewritten by Tom Graves and read by legendary recording artist Colin Hay, known for his work with the Australian rock band Men At Work.  A second CD of jazz compositions that are Lisik's musical impressions of the Aesop's fables will be performed by the Matt Wilson Quartet, one of the most critically-acclaimed groups in today's jazz.  Although intended for a children's audience, adults will also enjoy the lively retellings of the classic fables as voiced by Colin Hay, who in addition to his music has done voice work for the Walt Disney company and others,  and the incomparable Matt Wilson Quartet performing the musical interpretations of noted jazz composer Dave Lisik.

The Aesop's Project, which will include an illustrated book of the fables penned by Tom Graves, is slated for release in late 2013.  For additional information, write Tom Graves at



In 1968 ABC News hoping to duplicate their success in sports broadcasting using color commentators decided to hire conservative William F. Buckley Jr. and liberal Gore Vidal to debate during the presidential primaries.  What they wanted was ratings and what they got was history.  Millions of Americans tuned in to watch these two bitter adversaries go at it hammer and tong.  Although mostly civil towards one another, the verbal darts flew fast and furious.  The two met face to face ten times and during the ninth debate, when tear gas drifted in and out of the studio and riot police were themselves rioting just beyond their doors, their politesse failed them and insults that weren't allowed on TV were heard from coast to coast.  For one pregnant moment it looked as if a fistfight was a real possibility.

The incident would not die.  Both Buckley and Vidal were asked about it repeatedly over the years until both were sick of the subject.  The videos of the debates were shuttered and kept under lock and key for nearly 40 years.  Until author Tom Graves persisted and finally got the tapes.  Soon thereafter Graves partnered with Memphis friend and filmmaker/writer Robert Gordon and West Coast filmmaker Morgan Neville to do a documentary about the debates titled Vidal V. Buckley.  Still in production Vidal V. Buckley is eagerly anticipated and interview subjects now include:  Gore Vidal, Reid Buckley (Bill's brother), Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, Dick Cavett, Frank Rich, James Woolcott, James J. Kilpatrick, and others.  The list is growing.  A film trailer has been completed, but it is not yet available for public viewing.  If you would like more information or be put on an email list for updates, please email Tom Graves at