In 2012 author Tom Graves and colleague and friend Darrin Devault launched an innovative book publishing company that specializes in republishing backlisted or out-of-print book titles that they feel will be of high interest and importance to today's readers.  The company, The Devault-Graves Agency, has particular expertise in successfully publishing and marketing ebooks and at this stage has two book imprints:  Devault-Graves Digital Editions that publishes general interest books and a crime fiction imprint, Chalk Line Books scheduled for launch in late 2013.  

The first acquisition by The Devault-Graves Agency was three of Jack Kerouac's classic novels:  Big Sur, which has recently been made into a critically-acclaimed feature film, Tristessa, and Maggie Cassidy.  Each of these titles is extensively annotated and features extra materials and essays.  Big Sur is also notable for the beautiful restoration of the long-neglected original cover artwork, which is considered one of the great book cover designs of all time.  

Also recently published are the quartet of best-selling celebrity profiles by critic Rex Reed, the Master of the Celebrity Profile.  The first of the books, Do You Sleep in the Nude?, features brilliantly-written pieces on the up and coming Barbra Streisand and Warren Beatty, an unforgettable and acclaimed interview with an aging but still desperately bohemian Ava Gardner, and a step away from celebrities to focus on the segregationist governor of Georgia, Lester Maddox, which many critics deemed a masterpiece of writing.

Rex Reed's next book, Conversations in the Raw, focused on icons such as Bette Davis, but also the screen performers who spiced up the art but were not household names, such as the deeply eccentric cad George Sanders and the international enigma Oskar Werner.  The next two titles ( People Are Crazy Here and Valentines & Vitriol) entered the era of the seventies and Reed takes a scalpel to dissect those boozy and drug-fueled years.

Noe Gold, former editor of Guitar World magazine and Movies U.S.A. is a child of Holocaust survivors who grew up speaking the beautifully expressive language of Yiddish.  Having been in countless Hollywood meetings, Gold recognized that not everyone in the room got the Yiddishisms that were bantered around the table.  As a lark, Noe began to keep note of some the words and their definitions and as people took notice of his humorous take on the expanding glossary, he turned it into a small but hilarious and necessary book for goyim who needed a little help.  Titled Yiddish Glossary for Goyim:  A Power Schmoozer's Guide to Hollywood the book has taken off in popularity as a must-have guide for business in Hollywood -- and just for lovers of fine humor and language.

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