Tom Graves is the award-winning author of Crossroads:  The Life and Afterlife of Blues Legend Robert Johnson, the Blues Foundation's choice for book of the year in 2010.  Crossroads is now available in an updated Second Edition and is also available as an ebook.

Graves is acclaimed for the literary verve of his writing and his eclectic tastes and interests, which have ranged from cult icon Louise Brooks to the wild and largely hidden world of professional arm-wrestling.  His popular ebook, My Afternoon With Louise Brooks, is about exactly that -- the afternoon he spent with the fascinating but very crotchety and reclusive Louise Brooks.  Graves was the last interviewer ever allowed in the former silent film star's apartment and life.

Blonde Shadow:  The Brief Career and Mysterious Disappearance of Actress Linda Haynes is about the years-long search for obscure actress Linda Haynes that ended only when an intrigued Quentin Tarantino tracked down the elusive Haynes and called Graves with her phone number.  

Graves' first book was the "grit-lit" critic's favorite, Pullers, which was praised by the legendary Harry Crews, crime writer Robert Campbell, Charles Gaines, and critic Dave Marsh.  Compared favorably to the gonzo style of Hunter S. Thompson, Pullers is a novel about the high-octane, high-testosterone world of professional arm-wrestling.

Another first for Tom Graves was the discovery, quite by accident, of the first Elvis impersonator, Bill Haney.  Haney was not only the originator of the cultural phenomenon of Elvis impersonators but was the only one Elvis ever went to see perform -- a story Graves tells in all its surreal glory in Natural Born Elvis.

The author has written several other books that are listed on this web site and has more in the planning stages.  He is the former editor of Rock & Roll Disc magazine and has written for numerous national publications including Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Washington Post, American History  magazine, The Oxford American, Musician, The New Leader, and others.  He is a professor of English at LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, Tennessee.